Offset 3D Lines

Use this function to design 3D objects (curb stones, hard shoulders, carriageway edge structures, etc.) along an existing line (baseline) and draw the plan of the same object.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Terrain design > Offset 3D lines

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: > Terrain design > Offset 3D lines

The 'Create Parallel 3D-Line' dialog will pop up.

a, b, c, h, s, and 1 are the parameters as explained in the graphical preview of the dialog box. Define these parameter values in their respective fields.

Pick the baseline <

Use this button to select the baseline, along which plan of the 3D object is to be drawn. The command prompts for:

Maximum length each line

The 3D lines of the 3D object consist of short straight lines without arcs or transition curves. The length of each straight line is to be specified in the field 'Maximum length each line'. Define a numeric and confirm with the key 'Return'.


Draws all the plan lines as 3D lines consisting of straight lines only with the given parameters.

Select Template

Use this option for the following:

The Cross-Section Template dialog will pop up with the button Select Template.

Widths and Cross-Slopes

All the existing (user-defined) cross-sections will be listed in the pull-down menu.


Draw Cross-Section

Use this button to draw the cross-section. 

Command prompts for:

Select a point:

Pick an insertion point for the cross-section. The insertion point is the outer bottom-most point.

Enter direction by pointing:

Pick a point, which indicates the direction from the kerbstone to the walkway.

Reset values

Resets all parameters to default values for the selected section.

Novapoint Customized Object menu (NCO)

To edit, run the function Object menu (NCO) from the menu Novapoint or toolbar Novapoint Base or command line NCO. Select the object, which is to be edited. Select the option 'Edit' from the pop-up menu. Depending on the object selected, the respective dialog box will pop up, which facilitates editing the selected object.

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