Road Task in Quadri

From Novapoint 19.30 and 19.35, the Novapoint Road module has implemented all the workflow in road modeling to task tabs in the Trimble Quadri application. Going from the previous design (NP 19.2x and earlier) this is an improvement in speed and stability for the road model. Creating new road models requires less than half the number of mouse clicks compared to before. In addition, with the road tools implemented in Quadri, the user will always have the road modeling tools readily available in the same position every time instead of it floating around between windows due to user interactions. All previous functions are available and used as before, but are displayed in a more logical order and presented in a new suit and fresh icons.


The road tasks are divided into two tabs, namely Task and Design. The general workflow in a road modeling task goes from left to right and a minimum of data (Reference Alignment and Road Standard) must be entered in the Task tab before continuing to the Design tab.

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