Export Drawing Rules for Surfaces

This command will export a complete set of drawing rules in a text file. This is useful to retain custom drawing rules when reinstalling Novapoint, or when you want to move custom drawing rules to another installation.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Setup > Export Drawing Rules for Surfaces

When the function is started, a dialog opens where you can select the name of the set of drawing rules to be exported. After you make a selection, a file dialog opens. Type a file name, and save the export file.

Note: When importing, the drawing rules are added to an existing drawing rule set, if a set with the same name exists already. Consider renaming the drawing rule set in Area Drawing Rules before export to avoid name collisions/merging.

Land use disposal in Novapoint Landscape uses the Area Drawing Rules to visualize the Area Attributes as hatches in the AutoCAD drawing. These drawing rules can be imported from a text file.

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