In these dialogs, you define the left and right pavements separately.

First, you must specify the name and the chainage interval for the pavement. The name is just for making it easy to recognize the pavement specification later.

You must specify a surface edge line number on which the pavement is connected. The pavement is placed on top of the binder course. Novapoint Tunnel tries to find this course and place the pavement so that it intersects the road surface at the specified road surface edge line. If Novapoint Tunnel can’t find the binder course, it will place the pavement on the road surface.

You can choose whether the pavement dimensions should be given in a rotated coordinate system or not. For now, it is only the specified tunnel rotation (as defined in the Inner Profile dialog) you can choose as a rotated reference system.

The pavement's outer surface is constructed by the Pavement Geometry Lines you define. You can specify the width and height in millimeters. The slope is calculated automatically. The coordinate system for width and height is given by the value you have specified for the pavement rotation.

The Casted Curbstone Width defines the width of the lower part of the pavement in millimeters. The coordinate system for width and height is given by the value you have specified for the pavement rotation.

The Pavement Surface Thickness defines the thickness of the casted surface of the pavement. This value is given in millimeters. The thickness is measured normal to the upper surface of the pavement.

The inner surface between the inner side of the curbstone and the lower side of the pavement surface is always 45 degrees in the selected coordinate system.

The Final Slope is the surface slope of the pavement. This value in % is relative to the horizontal plane. Novapoint Tunnel automatically calculates the intersection point between the upper surface of the pavement and the inner profile.

For the Curbstone, you can choose to use a predefined curbstone. Click on the Change Library button and select a curbstone library. A curbstone library is shipped together with Novapoint Tunnel on the .\Tunnel\Templates directory in the Novapoint installation directory. When a valid curbstone library file is chosen, a list of available curbstones will be shown in the dropdown list. The geometry lines will connect to the curbstone and the curbstone will be placed on the binder course as for a casted curbstone.

In the viewer at the bottom of this dialog, an updated cross-section of the pavement is shown. The tool buttons above this view are explained for the Define Tunnel Profile Geometry dialog.

Note: The dimensions for the pavement will not be calculated correctly if the pavement is skew compared to the tunnel cross-section. This is the case in and out of niches e.g.. This will be corrected in later versions of Novapoint Tunnel.

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