Road Edge Rounding

This function designs road edge lines (road edge curves at intersections, road turns, etc.) with multiple arcs (1 arc, 2 arcs or 3 arcs) of the desired radius and draws it in your drawing.

Run the function from the following locations:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Intersection Tools: Road Edge Rounding

MOUS_ICO Menu: Road > Intersection Tools > Road Edge Rounding

Select type of edge line

The function constructs edge lines with one, two, or three arcs. Mark the desired radio button.

Draw Setup

Use this button to configure the drawing setup of different lines of intersection. The dialog Interchange - Drawing Setup will pop up.

3-Circle arc proportions

The proportion between the three radii is defined in these cells. Enter the proportionate values at the fields R1 and R3. This option is not available for the Edge Line types 1 arc and 2 arcs.

The details of the dialog Edge Line Rounding will depend on the type of edge line selected (1 arc, 2 arcs, or 3 arcs).

Edge Line Rounding

The options Create, Edit, Reference Point <, Tangent Point <, Drag <, etc., are common to all three types of edge line.

Create <

Use this button to select the two intersecting road edges to design the road edge line.

Command prompts for:

Pick start edge line (turning right):

Select the start edge line for a right turn.

Pick end edge line (turning right):

Select the other road edge.

A preview of the edge line will be drawn in CAD with the default values.

Data table

Ref. Point <

Use this button to pick a reference point from the drawing.

Command prompts for:

Select a reference point:

Pick the reference point from the drawing. Use Object snap modes for precise selection.

Drag <

Use this button to change the radius dynamically. The radius on the road edge is changed with the movement of the mouse.

Tangency Points <

Press this button to move the tangents to the road edge lines dynamically. An option here is to insert the required straight lines before and after the arc(s).

Calculate points of tangency

Mark the check box Calculate points of tangency so that the road edge rounding element is tangential to the road edge lines.

Object menu (NCO)

To edit the road edge rounding, activate the function Novapoint - Object menu (NCO), and select the road edge rounding object to be edited.

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