Terrain Shaping in a Quadri Model

Find terrain shaping here:

MOUS_ICO Modelling >Terrain shaping

You can define new heights and create new TIN (Triangular Irregular Network) with this tool.

Under input: Choose Objects you want to use existing heights from. Point elevation calculated from chosen input will show with an underline

There are three possibilities under settings that are on the toolbar:

Equidistance - Select in what kind of equidistance you want the contour lines to show. Contourlines will show and change dynamically in the model when you create the terrain. The default is 10 cm.

Select whether you want to create a slope With percent or ratio. Default is percent. By clicking on the icon you chose between percent or ratio.

Widget on/off - The widget displays available short commands and their function. By default, the widget is on. Press to turn on/off.

To begin designing the terrain, you must have a plan window open.

Tip: Create a separate plan window where you do not have many surfaces so you easily can see the terrain. By having a 3D window open in addition, you will be able to see the terrain in 3D when you are creating the terrain.


These are the different commands you can use:

When you press enter you quit create - mode, and you come to a pause mode in which you can click on another location to add a new elevation point or use V to select one reference point or O to an existing height. You can also click on point or slope to edit this.

Edit height or slope

Click point height or slope and change the height (Z), or roll the mouse wheel, O provides the existing height. With M selects all and you can roll the mouse wheel to change all heights. To change the slope must also specify (with V ) which point height you chose to be a reference.

To move a point elevation: Click the plus sign and drag it to the new position (X,Y).

Esc erases everything you have done up to the last pause mode, which is the last time you pressed enter. If you want to delete points you created before the pause mode select the elevation points and press delete.

Select OK to exit, if you select Cancel, a dialog comes up asking if you want to exit the tool. By leaving the tool you will lose the work you have done until the last time you pressed Enter.