Straight Lines Only

Use this function to convert an arc (source) into 3D Polyline with a series of straight lines (more break points). The curvature of the converted 3D Polyline with the source can be controlled with the parameter 'Accuracy'.

Run the function from:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Terrain design: {{}} Straight lines only

MOUS_ICO Menu:Terrain > Terrain Design > Straight lines only

This function is also available from the module Road Professional

Working Process


The degree of accuracy determines the number of elemental straight lines, the source object is to be sub-divided.

0.1 Very low accuracy

0.5 Half accuracy

1.0 Default

2.0 Double accuracy

3.0 Very High accuracy

In most cases, an accuracy of 1.00 is more than sufficient.

Any value from 0.1 to 3.0 or higher can be used. The accuracy and the deviation from the source are mentioned below when a circle with a radius of 10.0m is converted to straight lines:

Accuracy Maximum Deviation between Radius and Line Segment Line Segment Length

0.5 12.4mm 0.997m

1.0 3.10mm 0.499m

2.0 0.78mm 0.249m

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