When to Use Illustration Objects

We recommend to use illustration objects in situations where it is necessary to modify other elements or to visualize existing situation together with the new project in cross section and longitudinal profile.

Illustration object provides the users with the opportunity to visualize crossing pipes, road superstructure or result objects from existing situations in the cross section or the vertical drawing.

Illustration objects from "in data" will appear in the vertical drawing while the chosen objects from "Calculation basis for trench" will appear in the cross-section profiles.

The use of illustration objects is the best way to get a visual control over crossing pipes, especially in complex and interdisciplinary projects. To spot and fix eventual conflicts early in the project will save time and money. Typical example of crossing pipes is cables and pipes in tunnels, district heating pipes, existing WS and high voltage power pipes.

However, using the same illustration objects in the WS-model and road-model can lead to increased calculation time. To avoid this, it is necessary to limit the number of illustration objects visualized in the vertical and cross-section drawing.  Do this by only choosing illustration objects in crossings between existing and planned model. The easiest method is to not use dynamic query but select the necessary objects in the model with the cursor. Query methods can be found in the dropdown menu at the side of "Select illustration objects". Select "select objects" and hold the Ctrl button when while selecting objects.