Novapoint 2023

Release date: 22.12.2022
Quadri for Windows & Novapoint works with Windows 11


This update also embeds an update of Quadri for Windows, update Quadri 2023. 


Swedish Config

REMOVED: Functionality for PXY-export is removed. Use 'Setting Out from Drawing' function instead.


NEW: Expanded capabilities in Pavement description to add materials and detailed material description.
To start using the new functionality you will need to upgrade the task version 2.1 for your Road task.

See video for more details.

Road task

NEW: Possible to set User-Defined road standard and use User-Defined typical cross-sections.

ENHANCEMENT: For taskversion 2.1, roadmodel outer boundary are put on the DataDelimitation feature.

ENHANCEMENT: Sight analysis and imported road models through “From Existing Model” didn't get the correct PHASE (planned/existing).

Other fixes

FIXED: Deleting a pavement template would make a mess in the list of pavement templates.

FIXED: Softspot removal with fixed depth would excavate too much in some cases.

FIXED: Issues where SubgradeSurface was missing in some areas.

FIXED: When only adding a TitleBox AttributeDefinitions file it would crash.

FIXED: Vehicle Tracking with a box-trailer could get strange results with “Fixed angle” and “2 point start-end” methods.


Quadri - Utility




FIXED: When showing and calculating scanner data, the rail height for the vertical location of the reference line given in the Railway module is now taken into account.


Danish Version


In this version, we are now launching support for creating sign layouts in 3D, also in the Danish version.

Finnish Version

The program has been updated with support for a number of the new signs launched by the Finnish Road Administration 01.06.2020 and updated in 2021 and 2022. The new version of the sign program can for a transitional period run in parallel with the version of the program that supports the previous standard.

Added support for new signs: - F1.1 (colorfield on arrows now supported) - F4.1_2 - F7.1_15 - F7.1_16


General - New RSFIN added to ribbon menu and old moved to toolbar (#HAN-5618)
F1.1 - Added support for colorfield on the arrows (#HAN-5608)


F2.x - Used a wrong vertical distance from colorfield to border (#HAN-5691)
F2.1 - Rule for “standalone arrow” updated to follow standard from 2022 (#HAN-5564)
F2.1 - The width of signs with “standalone arrow” was not updated before after edit (#HAN-5567)
F2.2 - The vertical position of RoadNo was not correct when multiple rows (#HAN-5652)
F2.3 - Removed the default text (PLUHTIKYLÄ) from the second line in plate two (#HAN-5751)
F10 - It was not supported to delete the NUMBER from the add on plate at the top (#HAN-5651)
F17 - Added support to used “Add plate” (#HAN-5665)
F18.1_2 - Added support to used sign as “mini” on other signs (#HAN-5526)
F18.2_2 - Added support to used sign as “mini” on other signs (#HAN-5527)
F18.3_2 - Added support to used sign as “mini” on other signs (#HAN-5528)
F18.4_2 - Added support to used sign as “mini” on other signs (#HAN-5529)
F19-F20.x - Used a wrong horizontal distance for RoadNo (#HAN-5690)
F19-F23 - It was not possible to add arrow F-CR_1 and F-CR_2 (#HAN-5648)
H19.x - Added support for both yellow and blue background (#HAN-5707)
G1 - The width of the border was not correct for colorfield (#HAN-5709)
G1 - The geometry for the border on colorfield was not correct in outline mode (#HAN-5710)
G5 - Buttons for “Road No” and “Mini” disabled (#HAN-5534)

Norwegian Version


3DSIGN - Added support for User Defined foundation for standard configuration (#HAN-5601)
Mini - Added a combination of 767 and 807.4 as a new mini symbol (#HAN-5583)


3DSIGN - The value for “Type” was missing from the sign properties (#HAN-5672)

Swedish version


F1-1 - Some combinations used a wrong distance from colorfield to border (#HAN-5616)
F8-2-4 - Used a wrong distance from text to border when two lines of text on the same row (#HAN-5617)


Norwegian Version


RMTABLE - Added support for MilledMarking in table Mengdetabell_003 (#HAN-5687)