Select Vehicle

Use this function to select the standard and/or type of the vehicle, for vehicle turning analysis.

Run the function from the following locations:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Vehicle Track Analyzer: Select Vehicle

MOUS_ICO Menu: Road > Vehicle Track Analyzer > Select Vehicle

The dialog Vehicle will pop up.


The pull-down menu lists the road standards. Select the desired road standard.

Tip: If you miss any road standards for your configuration or country, then check out one of the other country's standards. You might find one that fits. Then Copy and Edit the vehicle to fit the standard on your project. If you have made your own vehicle and think it should be part of the installation, then contact support and see if we could not put it on the installation for the rest of your colleagues to use in a future update (see Contact Support on how to contact support).


The pull-down menu lists the types of vehicles (pre-defined and user-defined if any). Select the desired vehicle for vehicle turn analysis.


Use this button to copy/duplicate a pre-defined/existing vehicle and then edit the dimensions/values thus creating a user-defined vehicle.


This button is enabled when a user-defined vehicle type is active. Only user-defined vehicles can be edited. The dialog Vehicle - Edit will pop up with the button Edit.



Use this button to define loads on some of the parts of the active vehicle type for vehicle turn analysis.