Interpreted Lines

Interpreted lines will be inserted into the model as breaklines. This means that the TIN model will follow the line exactly and the vertices will be used for the triangulation.

Long-section view

This means that lines are NOT suitable to use for long sections, generated from a curved alignment. Specifying a start point at the start and the end point close to the end of a curved alignment will result in a line between those points. The line will look nice in the long section view, but viewing it in a plan view will show that the line will not follow the curved alignment. It will represent the “shortcut” between the two points. This will not give the expected input to the TIN model.

Cross-section view

Lines inserted into a cross-section view will be defined along the defined centerline of the cross-section (marked with a red arrow below). Boreholes may be projected within in the blue corridor onto the cross-section (See the figure below).

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