Scanner Data

This is the dialog where you import and triangulate the scanner data for your tunnel.

Scanner Dataset

The following information must be given for a scanner data set:

Point File Selection

This section displays the selected point files and their associated scripts.


In this section you can:

Point Cloud Location

This section displays where the point cloud is located along the road.

For new data sets, this value is set automatically when the point set is triangulated.

The values may be overwritten by the user.

Drawing Properties

This section allows you to set up the drawing properties of a given point cloud.

Separate colors can be used for the points (input) and the section made through the triangulated tunnel body.

Use the Chainage Interval to decide how many of the scanner data points in front and back of the section plane to include in the drawing of the cross-section viewer. Half of the chainage interval is in front of the actual chainage value in the viewer and half of the chainage interval is behind.


Click on OK to save the data from this dialog to the tunnel model shown in the Define Tunnel Profile Geometry dialog and close the dialog.

Click on Apply to just save the data from this dialog to the tunnel model without closing the dialog.

Click on Close to shut down this dialog without saving the data.

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