Draw Road Model

How to draw 3D solids (for NP21 forward)

Answer: From Novapoint 21 the option to draw 3D solids from the draw road model dialog has been removed. Instead the user must produce the 3D solids in CAD when they need them through an export of a Plan Presentation.

The process is a bit cumbersome, but doable as long as AutoCAD manages to recognize the data as watertight.

Note:  The computing process in the DWG may take a long time. We recommend starting with a small drawing as a beginning to familiarize yourself with the process.

An example file is provided here to test the process on data that work.

Note:  The process may not always work, and we have found that it can be related to the DWG-format itself.

Try to save the DWG as DXF-R12 (recommended for better results but does not handle big data effectivly) or DXF-2018. Before continuing, reopening the DXF-file in AutoCAD.

Note:  Some of the solids from Novapoint may not be watertight enough for this process to make solids in CAD.

Note:  Consider to clean up the drawing

You may need to split disjointed solids that exists inside one object after running SURFSCULPT.

Using Novapoint version 21, how can I draw contour lines for the road model?

Answer: Drawing of contours is available in Novapoint 20 and Novapoint 2020, but not in Novapoint 21. The alternative in Novapoint 21 is to use a plan presentation with contours as a drawing rule and draw this, or only see the result in 2D / 3D view.