Standard Cross-Section Drawings

Use this function to view the cross-sections and draw the desired cross-section.

Run the function form the following locations:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Drawing Generator: Draw Standard Cross Section

MOUS_ICO Menu: Road > Drawing Generator > Draw Standard Cross Section

The dialog Cross sections will pop up.


Use this option to browse to the desired cross-section.


Cut maximum

The button Cut max load the cross-sections to the total section width value defined in the Section width/Search width options of the dialog Settings - Terrain Boundaries.



This is similar to Zoom In (+) and Zoom Out (-).


Novapoint Road Professional is having built-in predefined drawing setups for standard cross-sections. These setups are prepared based on the standards of different nations. Different setups display details according to the standards of the nation. These setups are named after the nation for easy identification.

More Info

Use this button to view the elevation of the centerline and the active cross-section and interval, at which the cross-section are viewed.


Terrain/Subsoil Surfaces

Start dialog after drawing

If it is desired to draw cross-sections of more than one chainage, mark the check box, which repeats the function till cross-sections at all desired chainages are drawn one by one. To exit the function, use the button Close.

Draw cross section

Draws the active cross-section.

Command prompt for:

Insertion point:

Pick the insertion point. The insertion point is the upper surface mid point of the carriageway (centreline). The cross-section profile will be drawn to the active drawing scale settings.

After the profile has been drawn, the dialog Cross sections will be displayed again allowing to select the other chainage to be drawn if the check box Start dialog after drawing has been marked. If the check box is not marked the function draws the selected profile and exits.