Section from Grid Volume

Use this function to generate the longitudinal terrain profile from an existing 'FLATWIN' project (function Grid volume) along the desired line.

Run the function from:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Terrain > Volume Calculation >Section from Grid Volume

Working procedure

Select the function and the dialog box Cross-sections from FlatWin appears


On the tab 'General', the following details are to be defined: The 'FLATWIN' project to be used for generating the terrain profile, the line along which a terrain profile is to be generated and the details to be drawn.

Select FlatWin project to generate cross-section from.

FLATWIN project

Select the line to generate a cross-section along.

Draw a line or Select an existing line to export to FLATWIN [D/S]:

Type the option 'D' to draw a new polyline, along which terrain profile is required. Type the option 'S' to select an existing line.

For the option 'S', command prompts for:

Select the line:

Select the line, along which terrain profile is required.

For the option 'D', command prompts for:

Pick a point for creating a new line:

Pick the points of the line and finish with the right button of the mouse or the key 'Return'.

Drawing Options

Select the details of the drawing

Calculation input

Calculation method

Terrain profiles can be calculated based on section distance or the number of sections.

Calculate by section distance:

Calculate by number of section:

Line length:

From/To Chainage points:


Cross-Section List:

Addition points can be defined using the button 'Insert'. The section points, which are not required, can be deleted.

Layout sections

Layout plan


Use this button to generate the terrain profile and draw the same to the current drawing according to the parameters and settings defined. Command prompts for:

Please specify the drawing base point:

Select the base point for the drawing layouts (Section and/or Plan).