Contact Support

The quickest way to get support is to write an email to our support system ( with a detailed description of your problem. Based on your description, your case will be assigned to an expert within that specific field you are having issues with.

NB: Please note that sending a crash report is not the same as contacting support. If you want immediate help you still have to contact support as described below!

Step 1: Describe your problem as detailed as possible.

Step 2: Describe exactly what software version you are using. If you are unsure what version, you can check by clicking About in the Main menu for Quadri.

Picture 1: Screenshot Quadri

Picture 2: Here you'll fin what software version you're using

Step 3: Attach error reports and/or screenshots of error messages if you have any regarding the issue.

Step 4: If you are working on a single model, you can upload this to support from Quadri by pressing Help then Upload to Support.

Picture 3: Screenshot Quadri

Picture 4: Upload your Single User Model to Trimble Support here