Project Settings

The 'Slope Surfaces' pane will pop up which shows the standard settings for slope calculation. The palate is shown below.

General Settings

This shows the name of the active terrain model. The terrain model is set up with the Project-ID function. To change the active terrain model, run the function 'Project-ID' from the menu 'Novapoint' and select the correct terrain model. The function 'Project-ID' can be operated without closing the slope calculation function. After selecting the new terrain model, use the button 'Update' to activate the terrain model in the slope calculation.

Slope Object

This function controls the parameters for the slope calculation and includes the name of the slope and the parameter set for the slope.


Slope Parameter Set

The slope parameter set saves all the parameters in all the palates in the slope calculation function. This makes it very easy to use the same parameters for the new calculation. The standard slope parameter set name is 'Default'. Users can type in the name they want to use or use the name the function suggests.


You can change the slope parameter set by choosing a name in the drop-down menu. If the slope parameter set is changed, use the button 'Update' to update the calculation with the new parameters set.

Terrain Model Setting Existing Terrain

To be sure that in the future (when the function 'Slope Surfaces' is operated in future for the project) the calculations of the slope surfaces are with the same terrain data (current terrain model settings), save the state of the terrain model – e.g. by giving it the same name as the slope.

This enables the user to select between the different states in the terrain model. A state in the terrain model is the status of groups and feature codes saved to a state name in the group number/feature code dialog box in the terrain model. Press the button and the standard dialog box for group number/feature codes appear. The functions 'Save' and 'Restore' are available on the lower right side of the dialog box. A detailed description of how to use the group number/feature code dialog box with Save and Restore State is found in the help system for Novapoint Base under the Terrain Model.

If no states exist, active groups and feature codes will be used.