Novapoint 2022.5

Release date: 08.07.2022

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Release notes related to Quadri for Windows.


Alignment Design

Description dialogs

IMPROVED: Filtering lists when looking for Alignments as Surface Edge.

IMPROVED/CHANGED: Road surface; Warning messages when adding chainages in the wrong order. It will give a message in the roadsurface description and also when building the roadmodel. The improvement for this version is that we will also warn about single sections within two BREAKs, or single sections at the start/end of the description.

FIXED: Road surface; Issues when renaming road surface name.

IMPROVED: Road pavement: Slow and could flicker when opening.

FIXED: Road pavement: When working in the dialog the table for defining from-to for where to use the templates would be reverted if you also made a new template in the same session.


FIXED: Draw Superelevation Annotations didn't always work.

FIXED: Draw Multiple Roadmodels would crash when this was the first thing you did in the CAD-drawing.

FIXED: Draw Cross-sections to PDF would crash when including a titleblock.


FIXED: Rock <1m could show varying results from one run to the next.

Build roadmodel

FIXED: Different situations of -99-errormessage and some crash is resolved.


WS Design tool - WS construction

New function:
When using “Plan cable” you will now get “Trace name” drawn along the first node. This makes it easier to compare the longitudinal drawing with the correct trace in plan.
PS! If you use “Plan WS” the trace name is not drawn, you will need to use the “Plan Cable” to get the tracename.

WS Design tool - Longitudinal profile

When drawing longitudinal drawing, all pipe materials are now by default set to “Material abbreviation”. Previously it would by default draw the full material name. From 2022.5 it will show like this example: 200VLPE. This reduces the amount of text in the longitudinal profile.

WS Design tool - Plan drawing

When drawing WS Plan, all pipe materials are now by default set to “Material abbreviation”. Previously it would by default draw the full material name. From 2022.5 it will show like this example: OV200PVC.

WS Design tool - WS configuration

New feature:
In the configuration, in this version a new tab is created under Settings in the configuration. You can now add “TrimPipes” as default design settings when you do Water and Sewer design. Current default is pipes drawn to center of manhole. You can now choose if you want default to be center or trim pipes to manhole edge.


You find this new setting possibility from the Configuration –> Settings –> Construction –> Tab:“Manhole


Railway model

IMPROVED: Advanced ditch surface description has improved functionality when using KM stationing. In previous versions, the stationing was not kept when switching between advanced and standard mode. This is now fixed.

FIXED: Switch Design dialog could not be opened. This is now fixed.


FIXED: For some models including niches and cross tunnels the LandXML export sometimes gave wrong results or no file was produced. This is now fixed.


Finnish Version


The program has been updated with support for a number of the new signs launched by the Finnish Road Administration 01.06.2020 and 1.6.2021. The new version of the sign program can for a transitional period run in parallel with the version of the program that supports the previous standard.


F10 - Added support for combinations without arrow (#HAN-4917, #HAN-4920)
F14 - Added support for a minumim distance above/under the arrow (#HAN-5103)
G2 - Added support (#HAN-5155)
G3 - Added support (#HAN-5089)


F33 - Geometry updated (#HAN-5118)
F35_6 - Geometry updated (#HAN-5118)
Road No. - Geometry for border updated for dashed lines (#HAN-5120)
G1 - Fixed a FATAL ERROR if add plate after insert to dwg (#HAN-5203)

Norwegian Version


829.1a - Added suppoert (#HAN-5119)


General - The geometry of the “f” character was not accurate after TSEXPLODE (#HAN-5132)
367.0 - Sign did not have the correct height (#HAN-5104)
369.0 - Sign did not have the correct height (#HAN-5105)
377.0 - Sign did not have the correct height (#HAN-5106)
379.0 - Sign did not have the correct height (#HAN-5107)