Novapoint 2022.3

Release date: 06.04.2022

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Alignment Design

IMPROVED: Alignments with big radiuses could trigger a message in Quadri that there are several points on the same line.

Road design and resultmodel

ENHANCEMENT: SubgradeSurface on bridge and tunnel now get better attributes. They are also named “OnBridge” and “InTunnel” to easier be able to identify them for downstream usage. This also gives more correct quantities for roadbed areas, excluding the bridge and tunnel areas.

FIXED: Importing PARAM-indata did not include the wearing courses in the pavement.

FIXED: Pavementlayers with vertical edges could give some strange results in Quadri.

FIXED: Cases of crash when building roadmodel.

FIXED: Terrain with many holes in the calculation basis could slow down the gather in of terrain sections for the road calculation.

FIXED: Cases of messages about the alignment being selfoverlapping, when it was not.


Presentation - Longsection drawing

FIXED: Update Longsection caused crash (When activating “Update LS” a message with GUID, and the choice to Update or Cancel will be presented).

FIXED: Bug when selecting terrain offset, presented wrong offset line.


FIXED: The 3D-drawing crashed when running this function after the geology and rock support drawing is produced. This is now fixed.