Novapoint 2022


NEW: Full support of 4K monitors inside all dialogs.

NEW: For Quadri for Windows all the icons are new, but you still find them in the same location, also for Road task.

NEW: Alignment as Surface Edge - automatically get the max extention of the line along the roadmodel by the push of a button. In many cases there is a need to get the exact from-to chainages, and this will minimize the need for going into the CAD software and measure out the start and end chainage for where the alignment is applicable.

NEW: Increased user control over what sections to be build. In NP2020 we introduced the possibility to:
- Turn ON/OFF building increased number of sections in curves
- Turn ON/OFF building an extra section where there are element changes on 'Alignments as Surface Edge' in the model.

From NP2022 these two options are available for both the reference alignment and Alignment as Surface Edge.
In addition the settings for minimum step length and sagitta are exposed to the user, making all input editable. (NOTE: The sagitta and steplength applies to both ref.alignment and the 'Alignment as Surface Edge'.)

When increased sections in curves are turned ON, extra sections will be build in those areas.

NEW: User-defined sight distance can be combined with adjustments related to alignment incline and curvature.

NEW: Advanced soft spot removal with more modes for setting the depth startpoint.
Upto now, when setting a depth with a value, the depth was measured from the terrain at centerline. Now there are also options to select the depth based on the centerline elevation, or elevation of the road surface at the centerline.

NEW: Quantity report produces a warning-tab when an interval-based report gets different results then the full geometry in Quadri shows.
This is valuable information in those cases the roadmodel has overlapping cross-sections in especially tight corners.

NEW: Warns the user when road surface description is not sorted based on chainage. The user need to change the description to solve this.

NEW: Extra stakeout lines are produced for the “loadbearing”-surface. The stringlines will be located at the top of the “surface” that represents

ENHANCEMENT: Export of stakeout to LandXML from 'Quadri for Windows' is improved so that ALL machine control equipment should now be able to read them.
More information on how to do the stakeout can be found here.

ENHANCEMENT: New dialog for 'Design objects' - for adding DWGs in cross-sections.

CHANGED: 'Topsoil removal' inside the 'Rounding and Rockshelf' dialog has gotten changes to the storage - this makes the input to the dialog not backwards compatible from Novapoint 2022.

CHANGED: Import/Export inside the road task has been grouped to two buttons. Choose the format to use inside the dialog where you set the filepath.

CHANGED: Calculation warnings and error messages now has a leading number in the 'Process info' to better reference to the messages noted in this help page now that the help pages are all in english.

REMOVED: 'Borrow Materials' dialog is removed as it will not be supported.

FIXED: A great deal of work has been done to improve the calculations related to minor issues and crashes inside a wide range of functions and 3D results.





Improved: Added more properties on pipes and connection related to Type and Construction materials

NOTE! Opening existing WS model in NP2022 will upgrade the Configuration Database, and will not be compatible with lower versions of Novapoint.

WS Quantity report

NEW: Excavation volume from a trench in a road fill are now automatically calculated, and shown in a new column as a %-value. 


FIXED: Geology and rock support registration dialog: For small straight tunnels, the Geology and rock support dialog crashed. This is now fixed.

FIXED: Geology and rock support registration dialog: The abutment lines for tunnel widenings were not shown correctly. This is now fixed.

FIXED: If the road surfaces are not defined in increasing order, the tunnel geometry can be wrong. A warning dialog now shows up to alert the user about this situation.


All Versions

FIXED: Store to Quadri - The “Last updated” property on the task was never updated (#HAN-3538)

Finnish Version

NEW: The program has been updated with support for a number of the new signs launched by the Finnish Road Administration 01.06.2020 and 1.6.2021. The new version of the sign program can for a transitional period run in parallel with the version of the program that supports the previous standard.

ENHANCEMENT: EPS - Command added to the toolbar in new rsfin (#HAN-4338)
ENHANCEMENT: General - Now the program using “RGB” as default setting for colors (#HAN-3320)
ENHANCEMENT: RSTABLE - Added support for more information… Size, Text Height and Area (#HAN-3357)
ENHANCEMENT: TSLINE - Improved how line and symbol is updated when user move the attached sign (#HAN-3566)

FIXED: TSINFO - Some values was not stored in the configuration (#HAN-3498)

Norwegian Version

NEW: 306.10 - Added support for new sign (#HAN-4012)
NEW: 367.0 - Added support for new sign (#HAN-4013)
NEW: 369.0 - Added support for new sign (#HAN-4014)
NEW: 377.0 - Added support for new sign (#HAN-4015)
NEW: 379.0 - Added support for new sign (#HAN-4016)
NEW: 380.0 - Added support for new sign (#HAN-4017)
NEW: 382.0 - Added support for new sign (#HAN-4018)
NEW: 807.10 - Added support for new sign (#HAN-4019)
NEW: 751-757 - Added support for “EuroVelo” (#HAN-4268)

ENHANCEMENT: 3DSIGN - Added support for two new foundations for standard pipe ø60mm and ø89mm (#HAN-4005)
ENHANCEMENT: 727.3 - Update according to the “municipality and county reform 2020” (#HAN-3506)

FIXED: General - Updated the AutoCAD color codes used in RGB-presentations (#HAN-3350)
FIXED: 3DSIGN - It was not possible to edit values found under “SignType” manually (#HAN-3439)
FIXED: 3DSIGN - The foundation “Oppland standard H=725mm” had the wrong rotation angle when inserted into the model (#HAN-3764)
FIXED: 555.0 - Added support for a left version of the symbol… 555.0V (#HAN-4206)
FIXED: 703.x - Text was not centre aligned in the plate after enabling “Mounting Frame” (#HAN-4235)
FIXED: 713 - The presentation of gray background color was not ok (#HAN-3436)
FIXED: 727.1 - Text was not centre aligned in the plate after enabling “Mounting Frame” (#HAN-4229)
FIXED: 743.1 - Update available versions for size MS and SS (#HAN-3727)
FIXED: 834.x - There program was not using the correct design rules (#HAN-3454)

Swedish version

NEW: E33 and E34 - Added support to library (#HAN-3369)


All Versions

FIXED: Store to Quadri - The “Last updated” property on the task was never updated (#HAN-3450)
FIXED: Settings - The Layer settings for yield & zebra crossing was not correct (#HAN-4176)

Finnish Version

FIXED: General - There was a problem when polyline have ARC-ARC combination (#HAN-4022)

Norwegian Version

NEW: 1038 - Added support for new symbol (#HAN-4021)

ENHANCED: Properties - Implemented support for select multiple objects (#HAN-3350)

FIXED: General - Wrong spelling in one of the linetype name… an “e” is missing in the “Akselerasjon” (#HAN-3535)

Swedish version

ENHANCED: RMTABLE - Added a new column for “Number of objects” in a feature (#HAN-3340)