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Design complex 3D models efficiently with Novapoint unique design software for civil engineers. Novapoint is a unique design toolset in Trimble's extensive BIM solution for infrastructure projects. Civil engineers can effectively design roads, railways, water and sewer designs, side area and landscaping design, road sign and road marking, tunnels and the shape of bridges.

The BIM solution combines Novapoint, a powerful multidiscipline modeling toolset, with Quadri, a seamlessly integrated and cloud-based BIM collaboration server, collectively providing unique project teamwork and control.

When modelling the existing situation with buildings, lights, utilities, terrain and subsurface data in Quadri, and then add the Novapoint infrastructure design project to it, it makes the project easy to understand and interpret. View the model in plan, sections and 3D as you are modeling, ensuring precise, consistent, and sustainable results. Novapoint requires a connection to a CAD software, Trimble Drawing or AutoCAD. 

See the larger context in the Civil Construction & Infrastructure Solutions Community.

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