Use this function to generate reports for the current Water and Sewer project. The following types of reports can be generated:

  • Coordinates for manholes clusters

  • Coordinates for sections

  • Quantity reports for pipes (sorted by type)

  • Quantity reports for pipes (sorted by sections)

  • Quantity reports for manholes

  • Trench table

  • Volumetric Calculations

  • The reports generated can be viewed in Rich Text Format (RTF)

The generated reports can be exported to any of the following formats:

  • Microsoft Excel Worksheet (XLS)

  • Portable Document Format (PDF)

  • HTML

  • Rich Text Format (RTF)

  • Text (Notepad)

  • Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)

Note: The title for the report being generated and desired logo can be defined in the settings.

The minimum requirements before executing the function are as follows:

  • Complete the design process of the Water and Sewer project.

  • Run the calculations for cross-sections and quantities. Refer to the topic Calculations on how to perform calculations.


The menu is situated in the WS/Cabel ribbon:

The dialogue box Novapoint WS Reports will pop up.



  • To generate a report, select the report from the Report List and click the button Generate Report.

  • The report generated can be viewed in the rich text format (RTF).

  • E.g.: Report generated for Trench details with a logo.

  • To export a report, select the report details from the Report List, click the button Generate Report to generate the report, and then click the button Export.

  • The dialog box Export will pop up.

  • Select the format to which the report generated is to be exported from the drop-down menu at Format.

  • Define the path for the file, other general settings and click the button OK.


The logo and the title are defined on the tab Setup of the dialogue box.

  • Define the name for the report to be generated in the field Title.

  • Select the logo to be inserted on the reports using the ellipse button next to the field Logo.

  • Define the path and name of the Bitmap file in the field Logo.

  • The selected logo will be displayed when the button Show Logo is clicked.

Finish: Use this button to exit the function.

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