Plan WS


Use this function to generate the plan drawing of all the trenches of the active Water and Sewer project.

  • It has to be considered that the drawing generated, reflects the model at the time of generating the drawing.

  • If the project is modified, the plan has to be regenerated (run the function Plan WS again) to update.

  • The scale governs the drawing.

  • The drawing setup of different pipes, connections, materials, etc., is defined through the function Start Configuration and the sub-functions Ditch, Pipes, Pipe Materials, Connectors, and Connector Materials.

  • Properties such as layers, colors, linetypes, etc., are set for the individual pipe types with the sub-functions Pipes and Settings > Configuration of Start Configuration.

  • To edit drawing style, go to Cable and WS Plan Style.


Run the function from the following location:


Step 1: Select the function. The function will generate the drawing based on the current project.

Step 2: Select trenches to be drawn.

Step 3: When the drawing is generated, text related to connectors will frequently be placed on top of other text
Use the central grip of the circle and the text (text entity is a group of circle, text, and leader line) to relocate such overlapping texts. The leader line will be adjusted automatically to the new location of the text.

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