Cross Sections and Quantity


Use this function for the following:

  • To calculate cross-sections and/or quantities of selected trenches of the active Water and Sewer project.

  • To define the sub-surface layers of the terrain.

  • To define the calculation interval, intermediate stations (extra stations), terrain boundary, quantity boundaries, bulking factors, accuracy, etc., settings for calculations.


Select Cross section under Calculations in the WS/Cable ribbon.


The dialogue box WS - Calculations will pop up. This contains a list of all the trenches available in the project.

  • Select the trench(es), for which cross-sections and/or quantities are to be calculated.

  • Multiple trenches can be selected using the key Shift or Ctrl.

  • Mark the check boxes Cross-sections and Quantity to calculate.

  • The button Settings will be enabled when a trench is selected for calculations.

  • Define the settings (Cross-section and Quantity settings) and click the button Build to perform the calculations.

Cross-section settings

The sub-surface layers and their respective depths for different sections (stretches) along the trench route can be defined using this button. The dialogue box Sub-surface Layers will pop up. For further details, refer the topic Sub-Surface Layers.

Quantity Settings

The basic settings for calculations are to be defined on the dialog box Settings, which will pop up with the button Settings.

  • Refer the respective topics (Stations, Terrain Boundaries, Elements, Quantity Boundaries, Bulking Factors, and Accuracy) for further details.

  • Bulking factor for calculating volumes can be defined on the tab Bulking Factors. For further details, refer the topic Bulking Factors.

  • Bulking factors are used to calculate the in-situ volumes of excavated soils, rock, etc.

  • Basically, all volumes are engineered quantities, i.e. prior to application of factors.

  • Bulking factors can be defined sectionwise if the bulking factors are not the same all along the length of the trench.

  • One can add as many sections as desired along the trench route, which are represented linewise on the tab Bulking Factors of the dialog box Settings.

  • If a value is defined as To station in a line, it represents that, the section between the To station value defined and the To station value of preceding line holds the bulking factor details of that line.

  • The value To station of the very first line indicate section from chainage 0.0 to the value defined.

  • The default To station value is whole section.

  • Accuracy can be defined on the tab Accuracy. For further details, refer the topic Accuracy.

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