Convert Arc to Straight Lines

Use this function to convert an arc (source) into 3D polyline with a series of straight lines (more break points). The curvature of the converted 3D polyline with the source can be controlled with the parameter Accuracy.

Run the function from the following locations:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Elevation Tools: Convert Arc to Straight Lines

MOUS_ICO Menu: Road > Elevation Tools > Convert Arc to Straight Lines

Command prompts for:

Select a circle/arc/polyline:

Pick the source that is to be converted as 3D Polyline (program accepts only one entity).

Degree of accuracy <1.00>

Enter the accuracy number (a numeric value) that controls the closeness of the 3D polyline with that of the source.

Table 1: Degree of accuracy

Any value from 0.1 to 3.0 or higher can be used. For further details, refer to Accuracy in Create 3D - Line.

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